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drowsiness or calm sleep it was soon discontinued as it

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been forced upon you until it became your second nature.

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tropical countries. Lombroso s tables showing the monthly

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sepsis of ordinary puerperal fever was almost always introduced alter the

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felt along spine but this appears to be merely tlie pain

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t Protective treatment same as Test except that the injections were made intraperitoneal.

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since which time she has been quite free from pain and

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the stomach was yet uninflamed. Their object was to remove

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and as certain in its curative effects as the Jesuit s Bark.

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thousand cubic miles of water constantly float in the air to

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justified in holding that the extravasation is confined

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thereof. In addition we must give some mild astringent

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while the other one excreted traces of sugar. The death

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drowsiness subsultus picking at the bed clothes and

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which he thought might be calcified lymphatic glands or

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tives. He feared that he would be held to responsi

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year by year we have learned its habits and various modes of

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but only in moderation and under intelligent supervision. In the severe

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call on the veterinary profession to fill in time of war.

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above a point at which tracheotomy can be judiciously performed no physi

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The question as to whether or not casts can appear with

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The Treatment of Follicular Enteritis. Widerhoffer

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The preceding considerations led us to devise a series of experi

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with certificates signed by legitimate practitioners. If

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effect upon the vaso motor nerves of the blood vessels.

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which he believed was due to athletic training gym

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described cases in which nearly the whole of the mucous mem

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saline purgative and sedative remedies are to be preferred to bloodletting

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saw him and then the indications were simply those of a

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lysis. But it must not be forgotten and the author s in

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tube traumatism individual predisposition plays a vital part. Whatever the

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to the fire side without a stick or any other support. This is

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course to palliatives or measures of a local character. The

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less often for the albus and citreus occasionally sev

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its awful intensity and where time brief though the space may



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