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exhibition of anatomical preparations and microscopic slides.

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constantly strives to make itself felt. This life of

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dreamed of committing so serious a crime and that moreover he had every

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sixty two and one quarter pounds. This patient stated that

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was thickened and coriaceous throoghout lubricated with flnid

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ternal treatment of this disease. The treatment con

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weather. Even though packed in ice they lose flavor

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on light food such as bran mashes grass or hay and on

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borne eleven children. It appeared on inquiry that the first

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that those who promptly recover are returned to the

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and pancreatic disease or diseases of the genital tract may

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It was moved by Dr. McClure that Drs. Huntsman Worden and

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ment is generally the only evidence that this organ participates in the taW

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examinations should be made as will detect imperfect plumbing in

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likely to be established if there be repeated or continual expos

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Fellow and Censor of the Coile of Phy.sician PhysicLin to

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nllammation elsewhere as claimed by Osier. The appendix is often

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outpatients in preadmission clinic and follow up status and to inpatients.

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succeed the late Professor von Troltsch at the otological

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main droite sur la tSte il lui commande sous peine de male

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with which the original disease is followed by osseous metastasis.

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During the next ten years she suffered from recurring attacks of

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attacks. Improvement begins as soon as the tonsillar bases are

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of cutaneous sensitiveness was also observed very commonly but it

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Among other affections which have been successfully

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Acetone as e totie. CxHaO. Pyroacetie piril or Ether

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viously paid this fee to the Registrar. If a candidate fail to

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has to furnish credentials consisting of certificate of birth of

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Foreign Substances. Structures already existing may

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tro cardiograms is indeed quite a simple matter and the extremely im

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the courtesy of Dr. Marcell Hartwig who very kindly

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duced by excessive pressure the caustic action of chemicals excessive ex

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use of both at the. proper stages in the treatment.

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papular or papulo pustular eruption which was looked upon by

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merely trying to get the parent interested. If the survey does that the

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receives its share. Following this a wet dressing of



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