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whisky to stimulate. Stimulants and diuretics should be given to ward
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With regard to treatment of fracture of the clavicle
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tinued so long after parturition To this question I can make no
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should not be given later than the first few days of the
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composed of tincture of aconite root twenty five drops
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faintest signs were visible on January st. These con
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pneumonia by vaccine treatment and that the serum of such immunized
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The common method is for the operator to protect both thumbs
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tic antepartum and postpartum douches. A brief outline
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original and occult effects of the disease which escape
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disc were ill defined owing to the effusion of a thin deposit
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The brain is supplied by two sets of arteries. Both arise from
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the limgs and the stomach straightens itself out I re
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tendency to soil the linen are still persistent and without remedy.
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The disease usually affects young women between the ages of and
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poliomyelitis however the condition was different and
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the taste. The dose for an adult is one teaspoonful
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by the Illinois Department of Law Enforcement DLE. Shoppers DLE
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officially have proved themselves as gross misconceptions or even
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eight grains three times a day cranesbill sumac fireweed
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that the infection was most of the time due to a com
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nerve centres may play a part not less and perhaps more
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infants fed upon such foods and the constitutional diseases
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to stand as a representative in the House of Commons but always
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statistical investigation into the health of the army the manage
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The effort to correlate this great amount of material and to
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or disease of spino. Spontaneous luxation of vcrte
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endothelionicita. In the view of the author this idea is borne out by
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headache vertigo tinnitus anrium depression of spirits convul
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surface. Two primitive villi were found in this zone an intra mural fibroid
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especially amongst women for the purpose of modifying the color of
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with screw joints could be transported and put into posi
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and on the patient must be taken into consideration before we
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at the end of six weeks. Ten months later the patient had recurrence



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