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noticed and a long slender flagelium was seen in active

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diseases to one another is by no means of such a character as

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of medical equipment in a ship which deteriorate more

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of the system by an animal diet regular exercise without

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know give no protection while an attack of one of the

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until a fixed plan of diet and treatment can be entered upon.

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of these he enumerates. Many acute inflammatory con

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system. It is tlius that as in tlie present case it may

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rock and limestone. The effects of lime in rendering this

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colon or in the rectum copious injections into the rectum es

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catamenia are usually regular but apt to be excessive. Pregnancy may

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Observations ox Choked Disk following Injuries to the Head in

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These cases are suggestive of at least two considerations

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two hundred and twenty to forty beats the pulse rising

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oedema purpura help to make up the clinical picture. Arterial hyper

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administration unless they should be of a severe or malignant type and in

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few cases in which physical defects were well compen

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annum apartments boaid and attendance. Applications th insL to James

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into the scale the weight of a long and exact clinical experience.

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According to Farr s law that contagious diseases increase as density

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earlier experiments had been so altered that the i losel related

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attendance at the hospital. It is a hardship for the mother and

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burning pain will be experienced deep in the side of the pelvis in

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instruction of the class in general zoology in the Marine Biological

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nomenclature has no equal in the treatment of this difficulty.

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malignant tertian the latter appearing as small ring forms and crescents. Quartan

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hemorrhages because I believe that quinine acts upon the vascular

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