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tion of the iron into the blood. This observation applies espe

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cases have all been examples of secondary syphilis

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Second a formal discussion of the points wherein differences are observable

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agglutination and precipitation of the bacilli takes

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If the hemiparetic patient is asked to lift the normal

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hand etc. are considered as tuberculous lesions perhaps attenu

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sity of Edinburgh. He asked whether there v as any educa

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beautiful capable of realizing it in rich conceptions living with men in

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scattered over the whole body. He had iritis which is a

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constituents when treated with these acids. The lower

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not money spent for such a purpose bring back returns a thousand

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and following operations on mucus membranes since in these areas the


pointed and other measures adopted which will improve

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over their surface which are enlarged normal structures papillae

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range of this instrument is a strictly limited one and that many forceps

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credit for his invaluable assistance to his mission. p

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a very decided opinion that she was suffering from ovarian

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duration was a little more than a month. Wernicke s

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examination it was found loose we ren oved it without difli

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And if the chemical properties of a lifeless protein

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the third and fourth posterior root ganglia of the left side herpes

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ditis of acute rheumatism is favorable. The pericarditis of poisons of

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from New York State ninety per cent of its nurses. Such

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Ill health didnot permit me to.attend other meetings

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patients do not feel sick and so freely mingle with

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to infectious emboli. The thrombosis may be JAeeompunied by phfebitiH or

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pressing these and destroying the automatic centres of the bladder and

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The Ohio State ITniversity Tmitees are carefully con

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ResolpeiJ. That we tender the family of the deceased

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minims of a per cent solution of papain are dropped

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state for syphilis was doubtless a contributing etiolog

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Enough is known to enable us to advise prophylactic

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granular. Fourthly the pectoral muscle on being scrutinized

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of weeklies. It has always stood for what is highest and best

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down the danger of infection. Also spoke very highly of Dr.

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posteriorly and wIumi lateral appear to result from a lack of complete



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