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Acute inflammation regarded as adaptive or protective

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suited to the treatment are recorded. A definite decision as to the practical

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gestation. No wise man will undertake such an operation without the

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parts thoroughly and to disinfect the glass tube by boiling.

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an abortive infection in others and in still others no infection at all.

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ng for Jacksonian epilepsy is to be regarded as only

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glands. It is said that the ulcerated tissue is probably never restored and

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When the dressing is changed the wound looks well granulat

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way to surgical cleanliness. The almost universal introduction of anti

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there is a constant relation between the jn oduction of

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cent sweetened and peptonized bouillon and that this method is superior

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dition of the profession of each county in the State and

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or electricity will rarely prove successful in well established spasmodic

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will lessen the amount of blood in the part and prevent swelling.

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relations in lower vertebrates. The evidence for this can best

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fession that speaking of his approaching dissolution he

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believed to be muscular to the exclusion of other parts of

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