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unreasonable explanation of the frequent association of
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this slight protection by washing the contents of the
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their custom after the business of the evening was con
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patient had been delivered by another Practitioner three
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ventilation and fumigation bearing in mind in all cases that the
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small area was discovered just below the angle of the scapula on
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his useful life and when removed from his stewardship he left
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popliteal glands and the greater the liability to interference
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this use of this jacket I cite the following cases
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coma is the unnatural growth of flesh in the nostrils
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leedies according to circumstances to the left edge of the sternum.
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right side with a considerable bony hardness and projection
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the mucous membrane of the intestine. Several varieties may
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ordered a draught as just stated containing twenty
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many of its failures and yet I could not be induced
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The pathology is found in the arterioles whose middle muscu
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first instance with a small trephine. If pus is found then additional openings
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without the symptoms which generally attend the sub inflammatory
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sometimes divides and forms a plexus with the smaller splanchnic. As
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constitutes the meconium of new born infants It seems diffi
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for. The book is pleasantly written and the illustrations which
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grade of their respective secretions and excretions
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kept at the temperature of the body as nearly as jwssible during the
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students gathered from all parts of the world to listen to his
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so very great especially in mammals. At birth the milks
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be pleased to hear from those who are able to explain the
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is a favorite preparation. If the temperature rises to
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agglutinins are transmitted with any regularity from mother either intrauterine or
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marked heynorrhage into the pancreas are not known. Most cases have
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living and preserved adult specimens of the Porto Santo rabbit be
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The internal anatomy in Glossina is in general very
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offers but little hope Of benefit since there are almost in



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