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tion. In the group of incomplete or transverse lesions

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ovarian from She ovaries round ligaments and Fallopian tubes the

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cess I must confess had to be long continued. Indeed during

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the crown of the head down paraplegia paralysis cf one half of the

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blood and find local conditions favoring their stopping at a certain

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stances is caused by diphtheritic membrane intubation

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Bering s findings were in the tonsillar crypts of cases. He inoculated

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in the limited room of the foetal pelvis the curve of which

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tion of paraform is prevented. Still other devices are based upon

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coming uiuler your observation as dentists the dental

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derived from a case of transplantation of the tibia for spinal

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house refuse but it may be that undue choking would take place

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whose work went on synchronously and successfully to the finish. The

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picture. These changes most prominent in the anterior horns of

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to the serous membrane only. In another eye obtained by accident from a

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otology medical jurisprudence. Credit for years of prac

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lace on the same principle as that employed in lacing a whip

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Tepid Baths are mild yet efficient relaxants to the

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The next morning Mr. Chandler was sent for who found the

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and died two weeks later of progressive marasmus. Un

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missed by an expert examining the genitalia clinically.

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also soft and moist. In time the thrombus becomes firmer

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appeared and allow the animal to rest being liberally fed for at least

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very extensive and highly cultivated fields and gardens show the work

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In Durham County the schools were sanitated in a large measure as

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asparagus in drachm. doses is a diuretic drug which may be tried.

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covered with a fibrinous false membrane forming adhesions. The

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constantly present in the genitourinary tract and the nasal

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Inspector Gentral lloyal Xavy to be a member of the exe

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ence receives him by a clapping of the hands which is

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with walking and with the grasping of objects. The rhythm of the tremor

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those which afford the most apt illustration of the intolerable

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veloped pubic hair thick and about half an inch in length. The

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moch the lack of blood in the arteries the venous engorgement the



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