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lowing. This plan is in the form of nine resolves as follows

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Tlie disease is now passing into tlie stage of exhaus

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malarial parasite of course suggests a similar function

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examination which showed it to be tuberculous containing

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protracted styptic and astringent medicines are not indicated. For cough

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were open became more pronounced when the eyes were

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patient anxious and breathing irregularly urine bloody thirst

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good to condense gas in the bloating of the abdomen.

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exudes. This disease usually attacks the hands and depends very much upon

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ary syphilis in the country at per population for. This

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and the Livestock Sanitary Boards of the various states.

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Medico Chiritrgical lievietc he maintains some novel views

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lish German and Russian observers. It would seem therefore as

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cal history than Boerhaave who wem contemporaneous with Stahl and

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advancement in size in absorption arguing for a gradual

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the mental training necessary to insure the promptness skill

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of his succeeding history. It will be seen by dates that he

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peutic methods of administration. He does not. how

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the height of it was twenty inches in the third ten.

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red blood count. This explains the first stage of pulmonary tuberculosis. It

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rules enacted by legislation concerning building furnishing J

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Having had ample opportunities of becoming acquainted with

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patch is pricked with a needle and the exuded fluid is

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The left nostril you will see upon examination is usually narrower than

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to the best process at present known and which consists in irriga

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content myself with giving a sketch of the phases assumed by

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this tissue is considerable and gives a remarkable character to the section.

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that nothing confiderable is performable by natural philofophy our forefathers

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animal by removing it from a troop etc. to its own hospital or

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ferric nitrate and the two grades of ferric sulphate nor

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an action in the bowels the same as a cold hand upon

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an abortive infection in others and in still others no infection at all.

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tablespoonfuls sugar one tablespoon ful red pepper just enough to

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loss of ability to extend the toes properly and to rotate the foot

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Von Mering discovered that a characteristic of phloridzin follow



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