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portion where the tendon is attached of which we show two.

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late President Robert Muriel Esq. of Ely Dr. Pitt the Honorary

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able position in society. Professor Bentley then alluded to

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have not seen this occurrence mentioned by any author nor even

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kinds more particularly mutton. The fat of meat more

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disease in twenty two out i forty eight cases of Bingle

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Mr. Lawrence C. Phipps has erected this institution in Mont

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the theological faculty of the Sorbonne accused the young

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more water. If the necessary rise in the renal blood pres

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outside of the large cities the medical officers are gener

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indicate that the disease is not of recent origin. If

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Stiles C. W. The surface privy as a factor in soil pol

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mental change following operation cases after operation for cataract

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ination of the abscess dirt uncleanliness and care

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way of improvement and the following instances are cited

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and smell of the meats. Are heavy liquids in a warm temperature

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It is very probable that the dilatation of the blood vessels and the

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was entirely typical and there were contractures just

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risprudence and a short comment on the statute laws of Georgia

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forfeiting his extra duty pay under the Eoyal Warrant

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or of starting a hemorrhage difficult to control. Of

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tissues in each field of the lens and formed the following

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properly urged that the success of the system in the

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taking carefulness feeling every step of their way

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The length of time required for a visible growth to appear varies from

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while in reality they are sewing tares and the sewers the physicians behind

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wound with four layers of catgut in fat patients or three in

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mittee to proceed to Head Quarters to consult with the

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novements she made an uninterrupted recovery. The freshening

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ment being considered inapplicable the external iliac was ligatured



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