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lieve like most clinicians that the chlorine ions are
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ago had pain in back and knee joint. Has been working up
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region rarely the dorsal and the general myalgic pains are often in
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all the year round as a yacht the author cannot state
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far as possible. Any indication of renal insufficiency as evinced by a
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follows Samuel in dividing them into three groups atrophies hy
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cotics and is not supplemented by ridiculous or sus
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before the public of late years but not all of them
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ne le voyons pas parceque nous arrivons toujours trop tard
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and the pulse is increased in frequency it becomes weak in the
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cases as these were in Scotland extremely rare and in spite of all
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Dr. Scelle Montdezert appears to have been the first to
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The question has been much discussed why objects appear erect to
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Dr. Samuel Bard h delivered a public address at the first medi
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Cancer almost exclusively confined to cattle. It usually starts in smaU
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production of energy. Function of carbohydrates Produc
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diagnosis of the numerous occult affections of these
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A. Yes frequently. You will find that in your practice loss of
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measure should unhesitatingly be adopted in all countries
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crease over the normal lasts for a longer time and especially
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oil is useful in earache. The same strength in castor oil is
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of differentiating is where possible to place the hand above the tumor.
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sions so far as the author knew all caused complete
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speaker said a new operation differing from the one he
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disease is that the patient should be kept as much as possible
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pack ol vinegar one third and water two thirds half an hour daily.
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tinguished writer s contributions to the medical literature of our country.
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the parietal frontal or occipital regions. The time at which the epilepsy
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Vomiting occurred repeatedly during the next four days the vomit oc
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continue. However charges were based on the fees of LLPs not
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to us we will take great pleasure in recording them.



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