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greater claims on life than her foetus. I say that under the best

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below. The tumor itself then raised at its cir

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the tuberosity of the calcaneum. The projection which

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into the usual fixing and hardening fluids contracted

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Brains of new born rats suffer the greatest loss of solids brains

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iessary to delay the examination until compresses and other measures had

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Mix. Dose ounce every two hours. May be used in different forma

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from their resemblance to old infarctions of the kidney spleen etc. A

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extract dose five to ten grains tincture two ounces to one pint of

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for instruction in the use of the knife. It was originally pub

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er bleeding is beneficial in all varieties of all diseases

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greatly increased sensitiveness to internal or external

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the literature. They find that primary cancer of the corpus uteri is

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because no part can be converted into liver. It may have the

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portion and in the present state of our knowledge its importance can

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erally materially diminished when the nose is obstructed.

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part nor the patient s constitution have undergone any material

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perimental physiology. In these establishments encourage

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mas Electricity Hilary Magnetism and Comparative Anatomy

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a balloon ascent by Gay Lussac and Biot on August th .

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the not very credible statements of Tauchou. He found

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of the ovary it might be advantageous. In heterotrans

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work or time of that procedure when performed alone.

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the chemical theory is in accounting for certain tempera

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was probably from the character of the practice referred to.

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tioners but its use has only been well understood by the pro

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tingling itching burning sensations and even pain in the palms of the

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XXXIX. I he Cholera Epidemic of in the United States. Govern

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and Pathology Vanderhilt University Nashville Tenne. isee.

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It continues to be used with considerable success in the same class of

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heart afterwards at the apex and over its whole extent. Endocardial do

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What is involved in living by the sale of the human

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predicted this use or rather abuse. In replying to questions as to his



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