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it is probable that this increased liability is due to the
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sion of the inflammation but on the whole the transplanted ten
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The proper disposal of the sewage of a compact popula
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cysto urethritis sis to u re thri thre tis. Inflam
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nutrition is maintained unimpaired for a long time
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on account of the evident economy the tendency of sanitarians is to
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hope to segregate these several biles absolutely un
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tubercular or cancerous peritonitis and ascites. Osier and
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A freshly prepared mixture of the sulphide of iron magnesia
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and which are often erroneously referred to hypothetical causes
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and particularly the bovine and ovine species upon which
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to the small points of practical detail an attention to which
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which is dependent likewise on peculiar conditions which escape us
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fever lasts fromtwenty fotu to forty eight hours if it exceed
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He had tried reducing the uric acid by a diet purin
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have materially reduced the immediate mortality rate.
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complementary hypertrophy of these glands has been observed. In
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the phenomena observed during the life of the patient and the organic
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the CO glycosuria never persisted longer than for two
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This is undoubtedly the safest instrument which has yet
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quence its raie of mortality is almost phenomenal thus
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bad not had a chill as far as the attendants knew but
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the duration of the disease in cases ending in recovery between seventeen and
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gruous materials to the extent of taking substances into
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was astrologer to Frederick Second and at his court
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produced death. Cauterization of the local lesions then ceased to possess
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Neither are they inconsistent with that hypothesis which
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Expert testimony is the opinion of a witness possessing
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significance. It is believed that by the following simple method a
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forms make their appearance and complete restitutio ad
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differently estimated in various parts of the world.
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remove the stage micrometer and replace it by the stained cover
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number of lymphatics appear enlarged and the mucous membrane
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pain was relieved for a time but he still continued to complain of



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