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send it direct to the home office. He believes that by
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diseases to which the human body is obnoxious a form of
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Treatment of Glanders I had somehow a wireless message from
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rately estimated. These limits have been found by the
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per cent were negative. By the hypochlorite method or.
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V ut we shall give as full an extract as possible of the
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followed carefully until the leucorrhoea and ulceration
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which we might recognise the presence of such an entity but so
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Another case of cocaine addiction also a female was referred
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copious quantities of fluid. Moreover the effect is frequently only
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sword. In a case recorded by Mitchell severe spasms of the facial
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pressure which one would rather expect to close the valvular opening
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the fauces I found the tonsils extensively ulcerated. These were
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It was necessary to catch normal appearing wild rats in various
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nearly falls when pressure is made in this part the visible
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will be less urgent and as Maclean remarks the depraved biliary
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and devoted missionary Scudder who abandoned his fine
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The next case I will describe was a large enucleated
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the lids was injected the caruncles swollen and red. while the epis
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gradually diminished. After death a large calculus was found im
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ation around the ankle and there escaped. Swellings or
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the fact that it was enforced against persons of European
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soldiers and at Paris five persons. It has been proved experimentally by
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tory diarrhoea of cholera. The following is his formula
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Latin treats him to string after string of incomprehensible jargon.
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motor areas and great basal ganglia were much less extensively in
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the medical treatment of cholera. I shall say nothing on that
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ing up their minds as to the necessary effects of poisons and
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poor are properly or comfortably domiciled in houses pro
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when the old people got into bed they were chilled
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if possible to outside range. For parturition the animals should be
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phyxia of the extremities first described by Maurice
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as well aa the defects oi utterance are highly character



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