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always being contracture. There are certain points with which I do

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than they Ihould be to employ their own skill on feveral occafions

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Luke and his colleague to whom they were indebted for

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examinations that would be required by the National

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The thermal death point of the spores of resistant organisms is

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ditions of debility convalescence from acute diseases etc.

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The method employed has been to locate the sensory lines in

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matters in the hands of a judicial council with our

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compressed here under chloroform for a time sufficient to cure aneurism

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treatment is required. For burns the application of boric

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an imperfect monoclinic pyramid but the apex of one side

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and unfairness must be manifest to all and it should be the

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absence of hair particularly at top of and at back of

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its absence it is hardly safe to make a diagnosis of

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evidence that that family is predisposed to nervous

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This gas which at times escapes and which at others impregnates the

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period of three years. For the Master s degree Zoology or and

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ideas but these new things and ideas are matters in which they have

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of restricted metabolic factors and not necessarily as a



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