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upon eleven cases accurately observed in which the cer
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student with Dr. Lander and whose testimony is well entitled
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be laid upon the electrical outfit and possibly upon the
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The appearances in fatal cases are thus described by Dr.
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tioned are cerebral hemorrhage cirrhosis of the liver pulmonary em
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functionates after cutting of the vascular pedicle through establish
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use of the terms zinnof is to express the action and of
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violet hue intellect motion and feeling were gone there
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would be placed in the best possible condition to be thor
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charm. When the laryngeal disease is slight a solution of sulphate of
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Manvifactory P entonvilie London. To be had of all Grocers.
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bonate calcis carbouas. C. cblno vtcutn calcium ki
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had glaucoma iridocyclitis etc. it would perhaps be a wise precaution
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culture for we abstract the following data in relation to
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health seems restored. The Cod Liver Oil should be taken in
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eight o clock at night. She had carried in her shirt
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And even if this be expecting too much hastiness or want of
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investigate the matter the more assured you will be that the
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excellent from that date. The thirst was great on admission
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bougie that could be easily passed. This might be only a
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of fibrin a firm and resisting feeling is experienced. Bimanual
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vesicles was perfectly clear and produced typical vaccine pocks in the
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the orifice in its coats closed by bringing together
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Great enlargement of veins around the umbilicus or between the umbilical
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ment has not been found displaced above the outer one
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and ovaries in. P r cent. there was an appendicitis in
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panies these symptoma Should serous sputa moist rattles a tjrmpauitic
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operation applicable to those cases of myopia in which
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mittee reported that during the year about two hun
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latter readily reached but it affords good urainage
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I set off home again and left instructions for the boy to be
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Montezuma destroyed by lirr in lss t. contains three
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pain preceding the vomiting and each attack lasted for tw o or
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truth and excellence if it could cure that disease with Arsenic.
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seven days after the meeting as compared with fifty six days
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divided leaving the perineurium intact as a tube connecting the
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clothing store and running errands. I made no bargain as to



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