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epididymis being often somewhat separated from the testis the

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of nearly half a million where a large and wise expenditure

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the metropolis. He was elected a fellow of the royal society

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sclerosis is also a somewhat characteristic finding

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week it causes intestinal irritation which is preju

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obstructive symptoms have lasted for some time. The

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fourteen days with occasional shaking then express and stiain.

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Fig.. Curve showing the number of times one hundred gang

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values D canceling out for clitTerent disinfectants or for different

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In recurring hematemesis W. L. Rodman advises operation between

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pcrium is still in abeyance. A confirmation of the view

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remainder no gas formation was discernible by careful ausculta

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crura of the cerebrum in which are found the poste

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microscopically. Dead bacilli he says do not protect or cause any local

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diminution in the quantity of the blood by retarding the force of

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clearly show the various phases of the position of the army vet

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the woodcuts of the cases that have been published with the records

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rial signed by upward of one thousand mothers in va

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honest customer scored by the press if he pays well

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arranging them into three classes according to the amount of dislocation pro

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receive medical attention. As a result of continuous discharge the

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the temperature and pulse are relatively high and there is an intense

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reaching the eye and correctly translated as a couple of

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fect development of the uterus rendered that organ sus

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prominences of bone. This pressure too upon the trochanter

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epidemic the department called a meeting of all interest

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county council may consider it heavy. But they lightly

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The respective oflices of physicians clerks and surgeons dressers

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cardiac palpitation impaired appetite and digestion and a weak pulse.

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tricity drugs and surgical measures and the neuralgic patient should

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originally investigated and its therapeutic proper

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thelium there are also free white and red blood cells and epithelial

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most impossible to separate them. Appendix inches long over

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able and equally difficult of explanation is the effect of position

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certainly were closely related to the ferments. They

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lessens the danger in all cases in which the patients survive the first

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been torn asunder leaving a large fistulous opening through the per



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