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degeneration. Even in the acute form suppuration rarely
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Simulated Disease Occurring in Persons of Hysterica or Neurotic
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cells of the retina. In sections of a Muller s fiuid eye
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Another important point is the administration of the
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Quite a number of individuals have had it of late for the
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mented by such tonic and laxative medicines as may be
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sioner to say that he himself although legally respon
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who can assume for a moment with any degree of justice
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circumference of the lobules. have never seen the whole
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and House of Representatives setting forth the dangers
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In the last quarter of a century the best Miami interpreter in Indiana
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of the foetus may be influenced by the quality of the food supplied.
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stove refrigerator unit latrines became the symbol of American ingenuity.
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The condition is seldom congenital. It is usually first
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appendicitis its diagnosis may be difficult as the same objective signs occur
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ovarian from She ovaries round ligaments and Fallopian tubes the
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iThe malady had been smoldering in Boston and environs for a
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bladder. Cammidge s test was tried upon the gall stones with
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atrophy occasioned by the thickening of the cellulo fibrous tissue
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are used in diphtheria work. They should be moistened with
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condition into which she was thrown by the doctor s
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may occur together. The association of symptoms of duodenal ulcer and
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in man. so that researches along these lines might result
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perienced vaccinators in America on the subject of the
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day was found at p.m. June th in his room unconscious ad
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F. aged having a cold and sore throat took in water twenty five
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at the seat of war have been published in the medi
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cardiac contractions and an attack of fatal syncope. In instances which are
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time. The anaesthetic was administered in the same way with the same
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the quantity recommended by him. The average initial dose was
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points stars and arborescent forms arising from enlarged ves



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