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If thought s but the steam of the brain getting hot.

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size of a large shot and several minute grey tubercles were

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influence of predisposition in giving rise to epidemic dysentery.

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theory but submit the cases which I believe justify

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lessening its mortality. In fact medical science completely

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shaped but sometimes it seems to be polynuclear it stains

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it will be necessary to have in reserve one adult from her

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spectrum as seen by the light adapted eye and the evolution of colour

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sense of the word but he did claim that his method of

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In the mildest cases not very well known. May be conjec

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the medical profession the proper educators of the people

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as above but frequently more effective by the addition of the sul

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to possess the nicety and lightness of hand so necessary for

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salt the hydrochlonite and the preparations of it vaiy it is

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was practically a blood cast of the large bowel. He

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appeals to the surgical clinician. Every practitioner realizes what

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was very unusual. At first acidity caused a small stone to

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ments the duration of the heart s action. The duration of

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not characteristic of glanders. A vote was taken and the opinion

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State Board of Medical Registration and Examination.

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more than at the corresponding period of last year. New

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blinded men capable of rehabilitation might lie divided into four groups. The

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light and heat. An efficient substitute for iodoform especially

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the hearing is to secure a speedy evacuation of the pus con

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other ruminants and swine is permitted for immediated slaughter

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majority of the courses are limited to six or eight men

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invaluable remedy has recently been discovered it is the bromide of

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which today we know contains quinine as specific treat

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eral practice he will give less time to the labora

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spontaneous dislocation seems to have at once occurred.

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tal disturbance with periodic outbursts and the third

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be used and by careful diet and hygiene the general

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erate into carcinoma endothelioma gyroma or myxoma.

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glands in my operations. No microscopic examination has therefore



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