Cipzen D Cipla

the presence of pus is evident from the fact that no
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time the patient made a complete recovery. The explanation given by SchUller
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have a closer relationship between paratyphoid B and typhoid than
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region says I think as a rule malaria shortens life
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may be caused by congenital abnonnal deTelopments of the inner ear.
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in the upper thoracic and cervical regions but not traceable above the
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high authority has said that glanders and farcy are
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stools should be spread on a glass plate or black background and examined
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Causes. Nails in the gangway or the horses playfully snapping at
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occipital lobes the capillaries in cases were healthy thrice and
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rior hypogastric and spermatic plexuses and from the third
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Veterinary Major Massie of Kingston presented a paper on
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and have remained well up to the th from which it is concluded
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conclude that the recently isolated strain was mildly infec
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ligaments of the neck the weight had been taken offby a support
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obvious sign of this condition Avhich not infrequently precedes and
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appeals to the surgical clinician. Every practitioner realizes what
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able corps of surgeons is well abreast of the advancing
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servatively and beneficially e.xercised throughout all
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small amount of salvarsan. Its introduction seems a
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Glasgow Louis Joseph Frederic Dorabren Mauritius Edward Keay Coffey County Cork Arthur
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differ from domestic only in being black with a white stripe along
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are carried out without difficulty on the eye ear nose mouth
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cycloplegic was used in most patients of and under and
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Some man has sued the Pullman Car Company for consumption
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married Dr. James Clark and Sarah who married Andrew
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subjects in this province from unskilful persons practising
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I consider entitle it to additional recommendation. In
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with a compound fracture of the left foot caused by
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complete deafness in the affected ear. Moreover by extension of the
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teria wherever protein matter undergoes utrefaction under anaerobic
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At the autopsy thick pus was seen siuTounding the intestines
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blood cystic goitre. The adenomatous nodules are firm and often
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was found and the wound was closed. On my return to
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the piece removed to the longitudinal sinus. When the
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food and undissolved medicines in powder or pill form
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and in the United States the foundations of associations have been
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which provides that the otlice term of the Dock Com
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pain followed. Ecchymosis and swelling localized in
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Two counts were made at different levels in the case of the



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