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right side with a considerable bony hardness and projection
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motions l oth active and passive at the point of dis
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cles. Only an autopsy can settle this question beyond
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Nor can one by learning the percentage of the goitred in any
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us that a loss of tone in the muscle fibres surrounding the mouth
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mesentery is shortened from cicatricial contraction so that the intestines
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menstruation have been examined evidences have been found of the
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cephalitis applies not only to dift erent cases but
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coveries which in bright reversion from its sepulchre
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In April William H. Daly of Pittsburgh Fa. in a paper read
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ing quarantine he thought it necessary for the general gov
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eral deserved the greatest credit for first forming that
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typhoid bacilli the latter exhibit a marked tendency
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thereby eliminating the danger. Then if it does no good
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chloric acid at any time in the digestive cycle. There
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taken sick for the third time this fall November th.
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crobes so small in size that they pass without difificulty through
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ing subjects Anatomy physiologv. chemistry pathology
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ance as a factor in diagnosing insanity but none of these special
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ment at the Lebanon Hospital Dispensary with a Colles
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his own blunt knife he cut too deep I therefore thought it best
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muscle near the surface and at a part of the larynx
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by hyperaemic pressure upon the cerebral centers and
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get in the department most of what is sold being mixed
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this city I knew of but one application made for the ex
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assuming that immediately after the accident severe and
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expresses the regret felt by the Board at the continued prevalence
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a period of time cannot have taken place without a diminution of
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ou pourtant I intervention chirurgieale avail St con
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