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right angle and then reaching in at the popliteal space he grasps both

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It corresponds to the Liquor Picis Carbonis of the B. P.

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Amputation is indicated in all cases except perhaps

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the understanding of centuries waa caused by this parasite. It

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tion of the center the more sudden changes in activity are mainly

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of the probe. Practically it is a most difficult pro

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Saturday Decomposition had already set in. parts of the

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Beaumont loc. cit gives some strikingly correct descriptions of

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use of the term is dying out to a considerable extent.

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again we find stony secretions which come from the calcareous masses

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The climate here was very advantageous and there was less

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This publication widely extended Dr. Donaldson s reputation.

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ness pains in the limbs and slight headache with loss of appetite

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pressed. Pimples and blackheads are both due to inflammation abont

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appearance. This dermatitis is clearly defined from the surrounding

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tained by precipitating an aqueous solution of mercuric

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red the bowels costive and the temperature sometimes as

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authorities to have on hand in connection with large ports skilled men

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will prevent such people following their inclinations in

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of so called mechanicians had gone so far as to recognize

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suspect the disease as soon as the patient speaks. Other characteris

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forms a small percentage of cells in the blood in health. Kiyono



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