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blood in the capillaries. In normal adults at rest the

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logical Museum of the College of Surgeons there are three

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for childhood was higher than the average for adults

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normal position and the wire knotted tightly. The long

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are total blindness never however hemi anopsia and loss of color sense.

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genic for human beings is much less susceptible of direct investigation.

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factory way it is desirable to have as large a work

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forbidden for a period of at least two years during

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retroflex bundle a small band of fibers coming from the

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United States quarantine officers and suspected lug

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to the floor of the nasal cavities. Here they have been

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frequency of the contractions of the heart in cases of narrow

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different localities in the lungs are cooler in proportion

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soluble in water and eflSoresces on exposure to the air

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the technical difficulties of the operation the sur

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accidental or suicidal cases of intoxication or acute delirium the

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numerous illustrations of treatment by suggestion. New

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prospect is very encouraging. In regard to the much

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tive. Amyloid degeneration is rarely associated with

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triplicate show these waters to contain albuminoidal

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heart losmg its contractile force. This according to

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diphtheria and that the blood of an animal so treated when introduced

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from a man who has made a special study of the subject.

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The Influence of Impure Water on the Diffusion of Cholera. By H.

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Then as to the possibility of moving the patient for dressing

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an operation demanding such delicate manipulations is

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through the blood the channel was in all probability

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the East India Company and for more than a quarter of a

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tents alkaline no vomiting of blood had occurred. The

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the atmosphere is much slower and less perfect than

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reference is made to the severer types of these neu

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rington Muller Head and others as due to the process

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ble to give ether and use a larger curette followed by



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