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gallons for good effluents from sprinkling filters or contact beds to
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dissociated to but a small extent. Upon this hypoth
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this class of cases and as that was so manifestly a
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the hospital at Picpus during the great cholera epidemic and
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with Fehling s solution on boiling and oxide of copper
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observation to produce any facts in confirmation or negation
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being invariably converted into bichloride so that this
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of respiration. Our purpose was to compare the skiagrams of a
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make the reports as they should be made unless lie be a
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least under the same conditions is a simple one. The
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percentages of haemoglobin. A book of filter papers
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injury reaches the coffin bone which begins to enlarge and ultimately
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stained either a deep blue or a metachromatic violet. Their form is
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Great Lakes Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
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simple vital stains cither in temporary or permanent
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is a common result as hyaloiditis keratitis iritis uvitis and
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materia medica and insanity. Entirely passing by surgery
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all these quotations it becomes clear that the people
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of correspondence recently published regarding a Dr.
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time the patient was in p. promising condition. But his
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have been strychnin and condurango which according to the ex
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to the skull and brain. The injudicious use of ergot
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obstiuction and consequently it was considered probable that
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use of arsenic both internally and by hypodermic in
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is rather more backward. The Lord Chancellor has prom
In illustrating the point I would cite a very serious
baldrian perlen english
green as above described on the cautious addition of



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